Muhammad, Afzal Javed

I am originally from LalamUSA and attended Science College Gujrat. As you know I graduated from UET Taxila in 1982. After working at different locations in Pakistan, I migrated to America and earned my masters degree from City University New York. I am currently living in Canada and working in America as an engineer.afzal2001.jpg

I considered myself a luckiest person on the earth, when I heard that I got admission in University College of Engineering Taxila

I had a very good time in UET Taxila during four years of study in engineering. I shared accomodation with Chaudhry Arshad Phambra, Junaid Akhtar and Bashir Ahmad for three years in Quaid-E-Azam Hall until we got our own rooms in Iqbal Hall. I had a good time with Chaudhry Khalid, Altaf Hashmi, Chaudhry Afzal, Nasir Abbas, Asif-ur-Rehman, Abid Aziz, and obviously my roomates.

I didn’t take study seriously and successfully graduated with first division with the help of Majid Baig and a cyclostyler.

I played field hockey all four years and was captain of mechanical engineering department hockey team in final year

I never forgot having a breakfast, lunch and dinner at Nasim Khan’s Khokha. Especially during ramadan, the sehri used to be amazing when we had to put more water in LASSI to make it more.

I will always remember the topi drama which we did in Professor Nasir’s class. Mr. Naseer was used to wear a Jannah cap.We (click to see the picture) all bought same color and type of Jannah caps and entered to classroom one by one. Our classmates’ laughters got louder and louder with each entry. Lecturer Mr. Naseer asked the reason of having caps and Altaf told him that it’s Hadith that if you cover your head, you will have God’s blessings. After the lecture, Mr. Naseer (Tricky) took us in his office and served us tea with cookies. During our first year, we started to tease our warden by shouting at him in midnight together. We were group of ten people and had a famous slogan for warden i.e. AEY SHARULL AEY KEY PHULL AEY, NAIEN AEY LULL AEY”. Finally he exhausted and resigned in couple of months.

Once Lecturer Saghir called me in his office and told me that if I kept teasing him, he will not give me good grades. I replied him that I am not here to get good grades but to get more knowledge.

I will never forget the moment when I won hockey match against Electrical Department by scoring final goal.

Once we wrote a letter to Khalid as a girl and aksed him to see her in Muree at “MADHANI CHOK” and next day he was asking us where is MADHANI CHOK in Murree.You can contact me at and I will be more happy to answer your email.

MAJEED BAIG wrote in October, 2010 “I am glad to see the website developed by Muhammad Afzal Javed who was very important person for post office department. He wrote about three-four letters daily and receive the replies of similar manner. I avail the opportunity to facilitate him as my bus stop was at GPO – Rawalpindi.”




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