Teacher Mr. Naseer Ahmed graduated from UET Taxila and started to teach us in third year. He used to be friendly during lecture but had habit to make examination papers hard for us. That’s why we gave him a nick name “——-“.

Topi picture is in his memory. He used to wear same Jinnah Cap and once we decided to trick with him and bought same caps. One day we put these caps on our heads and went to his class when he already had started his lecture. We started to enter in his class one at a time. First students didn’t take notice, but when third or fourth of us entered in to class, students started to laugh and they kept laughing until the last student entered in to his class. He dealt with this fun politically and asked why we started to use the caps. Altaf told him that as per one hadith, who ever don’t cover the head, he doesn’t have God’s blessing. At the end of class, he invited us for tea and served us with biscuits and tea.




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