Mr. Mohammad Saeed

Mr. Saeed was our mathematic’s teacher and he also taught us computer science in one semester. He was a gentle and nice professor and we never had any complain about him. He was hardworker and cooperative who was always ready to help students. He never forget his lecture and was able to answer al the questions.

I don’t know now why students started to call him “Saeed Shora”

Received following email on January 22, 2010 from his son;

Qasim Saeed to me

Dear Muhammad Afzal,
Couple of days back I heard from one of my friends about the website of 77 mechanical session of uet taxila.I went through the site, First of all I would really like to congratulate you for doing such a great work. Secondly I am mailing you to let you know about your Mathematics teacher Muhammad Saeed Akhtar, I am just doing it because being a student I know how great a person feels when he or she contacts his or her favorite or any teacher after such a long time like this, and after reading your comments about my father I felt so proud. Than i thought i should mail you to let you know about him so that you and any of the person from class 77 who wants to contact him can do so. After seeing the website i talked with him on phone and told him about the website.I started telling him the names of the students of the class and I was hell surprised that after this long time he still know that this guy belongs from this city and that guy from that city..and he was like this and that.than he told me about Sher Khan malik that he was a tallest guy. So, here I am mailing you as a bridge between a teacher and students.He is currently in Saudi Arabia working there as a professor in a technical College.His contact Informations are as follows

Cell No:+966-509343801
Home No:+966-4-3922474

Any queries Please fell free to contact me
Qasim Saeed
Ph no: +92-333-3459682




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