Makhdoom Asif ur Rehman

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Mr. Asif was from Multan and was a typical Multani figure. He was a good friend and always tried to help others. At the end of our stay in Taxila he had an argument with Nasir and took long time to have friendship again. He was Nasir & Altaf’s roommate. He is our only class fellow who never get married and had no long term job. Basically he owned mango garden and also owned a Mazar. He was a member of our Topi group.

“Everybody remembers Makhdom Asif in good words. But nobody knows that why he is still unmarried. He is a good friend of mine. He was always helping each ane every person but now he has different views. He has a DERA near darbar Hazrat Hafiz Jamal Sarkar, that is 24 hrs open for everybody. You can get LANGAR any time. Such type of persons are very rare in this world.
Anyway this is a good effort for engineers community”.
Arshad Dharala 08/02/2009

Finally brother Makhdoom was married on April 4, 2010. Congratulations brother and wish you both happy life.




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